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  • Metro Series completed and installed at the new AC HOTEL in DUBLIN

    Orewiler just completed his largest commission of his career. Twenty 2 ft x 4 ft mixed media Metro panels in the collection of AC HOTELS in Dublin, Ohio. This collection exhibits 7 pieces total. The largest being an 8 panel Metro displayed on the first floor lobby near the bar. This is the largest handmade Metro by Orewiler. "I'm thankful for the opportunity to show my talent in a large scale format and collection. This series was made within 7 months and was my only focus during those months. Thanks to those who believed in me and my work to make this possible. I look forward to working on more collections in this scale inside and outside of Ohio." Orewiler

  • Orewiler creates his first street mural 12ft x 40ft

    ​ ​ Throughout his career, Orewiler has admired public art and street art. He has traveled throughout the world and has seen various street art and graffiti art that has influenced him. He has been searching for a wall to try his first piece. Finally he was offered a wall in the neighborhood he was raised. His first piece is a 10 foot x 30 foot mural using only spray paint. This piece pushed him to another area in his career as an artist. "Sometimes you have to find the opportunity and resources to create your vision and show others you are able to do large scale murals and other styles of art. I dont believe in limiting your talent and being comfortable with one area. Sure I can paint cityscapes and figurative well! I call it "technical art" and "paint by number". I want to develop into an artist that can do anything my mind envisions. Why limit yourself? This work will transfer into future series" Orewiler Location will be announced once the mural is completed.

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