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Two squared is simply the whole number value of 4. Sometimes also written as “2^2” or “two to the power of two” is simply 2 times itself (2*2). Exponents are superscript numbers with a base meant to multiply a number by itself a specified number of times such as 3^4, 2^8, and even 2^2. (google) 

U (your energy) = me (my energy) x2 (your energy x others doubled and by outcome of exchange into society = 4 being the expansion of each energy x2 and its ripple effect).

U=me2 is a title that reflects how we specifically channel, exchange and release energy to eachother.

Scientists are studying the one way movement of energy from healers to patients. No one has developed a device that can measure the ebb and flow between people.  

Interpersonal energy is distinct from nonverbal communications like facial expressions, body language and modulations in voice tone. Most people do not consciously register it, but are nevertheless affected by it. The four basic responses to the energy of another person are: feeling energized, rattled, neutral or drained.

Pay attention to interpersonal energy

Have you ever felt unusually energized around a certain person? Do some people drain you? Try paying attention to the ebb and flow of these unseen vibrations in your social life. At a gathering is there someone in the room who draws people to her like a warm fire on a cold day? Not primarily because of looks or conversation, but because of some vibrating positivity?

I ask myself about energy with each psychotherapy patient I see. My office is an experimental lab, a controlled setting, where I have the opportunity to experience and observe the varying effects different people have on me. I sit in the same chair. The patients sit on the same small couch. We look at each other from very similar angles—almost but not quite straight on. They talk. I listen. I get to feel their energy impact on me. And they feel my energy impact on them. We both feel the waxing and waning of connection.

When we are connected, I can almost see a tube of energetic intensity between our heads, between our minds. The tube is surrounded by lesser gradients of energy. The energies fluctuate.

High interpersonal energy

Bernard Beitman, M.D., is a visiting professor at the University of Virginia

One of the most frustrating things about negative people is that they complain about everything and while it is plain as day to you that all they need to do is change a few things about their life and they wouldn’t be so negative all the time, the negative person can’t see the benefit of that approach. Remember that you can’t change someone’s negative perspective. You can only be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday; perhaps, that might inspire the negative people in your life to get a grip and stop acting like a big baby.

How To Stop Absorbing Other People's Energy

  1. Identify whether you're susceptible. ...

  2. Seek the source. ...

  3. Distance yourself from the suspected source, where possible.

  4. Center yourself by concentrating on your breath. ...

  5. Flush out the harm. ...

  6. Shield yourself. ...

  7. Manage the emotional overload. ...

  8. Look for positive people and situations.

So, it’s vitally important that you keep in mind that it is not your responsibility to ix this person. They have to decide they want to be different.

Whats is 2 squared?