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Angel Sculpture "Sophia"


10ftx6ft mixed media

In many religions, paintings of angels symbolize a connection between the spiritual world and the earth. Angel Sculpture (also known as Sophia) was handmade by Orewiler and a life sized traveling sculpture/art installation displayed in various environments in nature or industrial atmospheres. Sophia is aimed to inspire individuals in the modern world to guard, find comfort and hope within themselves. The Angel Sculpture also has been printed on a Land Grant Brewing beer label for Franklinton Friday that reflects "Sophia" and his numerous murals.

- View Orewiler's murals HERE

What does an angel represent?

An angel is a messenger of God, characterized as having human form with wings and a halo. The word suggests goodness, and is often used to refer to someone who offers comfort and aid to others in times of trouble.

Angel Sculpture has been installed at:


LeVeque Tower Top

400 West Rich

The Fort


What Fest?


Schiller Park - German Village

Hocking Hills State Park

Drone shot by @videobychris and @columbus_street_art

Angel Sculpture Apparel

Neon sculpture by Orewiler art installation.jpg

Other Art Installations

Orewiler also creates large scale installations that push the limits of his artistic talents and skills. Each piece is a spontaneous creation and not planned until he has seen the environment.


The first set of art installations were created in Berlin, Germany for a group art exhibition "Reaume 2" in an old iron factory that's now called WILHELM HALLEN

Orewiler created three art installations in this German factory including one of his first Metro Grid Series window installations. The series reflect his love for theurban city and the representng a minimalistic cityscape. The Metro Grid series paintings and sculptures can be seen here


Orewiler has installed in other locations including Schiller Park, Hocking Hills State Park, Strongwater and Leveque Tower. Contact Orewiler if you would like to commission a permanent or temporary neon installation.


LeVeque Tower Top




Schiller Park - German Village

Hocking Hills State Park


Raueme 2 Group exhibition - Berlin, Germany

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