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My life's tapestry is intricately woven with the threads of art history and the artistry of construction. From an early age, my nature has been attuned to appreciating the architectural nuances and originality embedded in each work of art and structure. This profound connection with the realms of art and construction has served as a constant muse, shaping the concepts and creations that have defined my entrepreneurial and artistic journey.


My sources of inspiration span a wide spectrum, encompassing deep conceptual ideas, educational pursuits, storytelling, modern art, global history, urban life, cultural diversity, environmentalism, animal rescue, mental health advocacy, holistic well-being, mythology, and the dynamic fusion of innovative art and technology. These diverse influences converge to fuel my artistic vision, creating a narrative that reflects the intricate layers of the world around us.


As an entrepreneur and artist, my overarching goal is one of continual growth. I am dedicated to honing my skills across various media and exploring every facet of the art world, aiming for a comprehensive understanding of each genre. This multifaceted approach not only contributes to my personal development but also positions me to inspire both myself and those who appreciate the craft.


In the current phase of my journey, I am embracing the exhilarating challenge of creating large-scale works. Collaboration is a cornerstone of my artistic exploration, as I engage with fellow creators, including artists, designers, fashion connoisseurs, photographers, organizations, and art enthusiasts. Together, we embark on entrepreneurial ventures and creative projects that push boundaries, contributing to the ever-evolving tapestry of the art world. Join me on this professional and artistic journey, where inspiration, growth, and collaborative creativity converge.



As a professional artist, my journey seamlessly weaves together the realms of art and construction, rooted in a deep appreciation for architecture. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources—conceptual ideas, education, storytelling, modern art, world history, urban life, culture, environmentalism, animal rescue, mental health, holistic well-being, mythology, and the dynamic fusion of art and technology—I craft a narrative that mirrors the intricate richness of our world.


My artistic pursuit is driven by a commitment to continual evolution, expanding my skills across various media to inspire both myself and those who appreciate my craft. Presently, I am immersed in the creation of large-scale works, and collaboration forms the core of my exploration. Engaging with fellow professionals—artists, designers, fashion enthusiasts, photographers, organizations—we collectively push artistic boundaries, contributing to the evolving landscape of the professional art world. Join me on this journey of inspiration, skill refinement, and collaborative excellence.

Recent Exhibitions

2023 - "Anesidora 2.0" solo exhibition - November at One Line Franklinton

2022 - Fashion is Art-  Columbus Fashion Alliance + Short Norths Arts District for Gallery Hop: juried and selected to exhibit The Melamacci Collection at Marcia Evans Gallery and Torso

2021 - Fashion Week Columbus - The Melamacci Collection by OREWILER juried & selected for VIP Finale designers

2020 - MURAL Project 2.0 - Organized and painted seven murals in six months highlighting: Mental Health, World Wildlife Fund, Socks for homeless - Bombas Socks, Holistic Healing - Chakra and U=me2 Murals, Gladden Community House and Columbus Humane Society.

2019 - Two solo exhibitions: "Places" at German Village Society -Meeting Haus and "BNC5" at Strongwater in Franklinton

2018 - Berlin Art Week - Berlin, Germany: Group exhibition "Raume 2": Exhibited paintings and art installations and painted on the Berlin Wall at Maurer Park.


----View more exhibitions HERE

Recent Publications

2023 - Columbus Underground: Top 10 Columbus Artists

2021 - Columbus Monthly: Seven Questions with "Chakra Mural" Artist Ryan Orewiler

2021 - Fashion Week Columbus - Orewiler's music used for two runway presentations - Darsy Amaya and Geraldo Encinas - view youtube runway video here

----View more publications HERE




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