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I'm a professional artist raised in Columbus, Ohio by craftsmen, teachers and artists. As a boy, I enjoyed sculpting animals and miniature people with clay and often would paint and draw Roman gladiators, knights in armor, animals, transformers and G.I Joe battles. My first cityscape was created when I was eight years old inspired from my first visit to New York City. I later became an established cityscape painter from my travels around the world.

In 1993, I was in a serious accident and broke my neck that restricted me physically for several months. My goal of following my grandfathers paths and joining the military dramatically changed. This dramatic experience enabled me to pursue an art career. During that year, I began building my portfolio and applied to several art schools and was awarded a scholarship to study at Columbus College of Art and Design and majored in illustration. After graduating, I began exhibiting my cityscape oil paintings in galleries internationally.

In 2002, I created my first abstract series called 44 Soul Series that illustrated organic and brilliant colors inspired by the affect oil has with water. In 2005, Orewiler challenged himself to create his second abstract series that were minimalistic geometric paintings called Metro Grid Series.

For several years, I've worked in the Short North Arts District and in Franklinton Arts District (studio at 400 West Rich) and continues to challenge myself to consistently produce innovative bodies of work.

Several of my primary goals are to continue evolving as an artist, create unique innovative art installations, multimedia paintings, large scale public interactive sculptures and large public murals.


For over twenty years, I have have donated his art annually to numerous charities and organizations that share missions to help support individuals, animals and the opportunity to  impact communities.

Recent Exhibitions

2023 - "Anesidora 2.0" solo exhibition - November at One Line Franklinton

2022 - Fashion is Art-  Columbus Fashion Alliance + Short Norths Arts District for Gallery Hop: juried and selected to exhibit The Melamacci Collection at Marcia Evans Gallery and Torso

2021 - Fashion Week Columbus - The Melamacci Collection by OREWILER juried & selected for VIP Finale designers

2020 - MURAL Project 2.0 - Organized and painted seven murals in six months highlighting: Mental Health, World Wildlife Fund, Socks for homeless - Bombas Socks, Holistic Healing - Chakra and U=me2 Murals, Gladden Community House and Columbus Humane Society.

2019 - Two solo exhibitions: "Places" at German Village Society -Meeting Haus and "BNC5" at Strongwater in Franklinton

2018 - Berlin Art Week - Berlin, Germany: Group exhibition "Raume 2": Exhibited paintings and art installations and painted on the Berlin Wall at Maurer Park.

----View more exhibitions HERE

Recent Publications

2023 - Columbus Underground: Top 10 Columbus Artists

2021 - Columbus Monthly: Seven Questions with "Chakra Mural" Artist Ryan Orewiler

2021 - Fashion Week Columbus - Orewiler's music used for two runway presentations - Darsy Amaya and Geraldo Encinas - view youtube runway video here

----View more publications HERE




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Artist Statement

"My entire life has been interconnected with art history and the aspect of constructing things. It is in my nature to appreciate the architecture and originality in each work of art and structure. My connection with these two worlds has influenced my concepts and art from the beginning. I'm mainly inspired by deep conceptual ideas, educating, telling stories, modern art, world history, urban life, culture, environmentalism, animal rescue, mental health, holistic health, mythology, and innovative art/ technology. My goal as an artist is to continue to grow and train myself using various media and all areas of art to fully understand each genre so that I can be better at inspiring myself and others who appreciate my craft. Currently, I'm enjoying the challenge of creating large scale works and collaborating on creative projects with other artists, designers, fashionettes, photographers, organizations and art enthusiasts." OREWILER

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