Location: South Parsons Columbus, Ohio

This mural was created during the social justice riots in America in 2020. The original goal was to paint a window downtown but couldn't align with a business owner. I decided to reach back into my personal roots in the South End early 1980's. This mural was created to raise awareness and educate about the multicultural roots of American immigrants, American history and World history. We are all one of the same organic being and of a soul within a shell that was given to us.

This should be a time of looking back to our forefathers and leaders in the past for our answers to evolve together. If we continue to divide and point fingers, we will be destroy from within.

The images depict;

Michelangelo's Moses, Rodins Thinker, An old man representing (wise man and a homeless friend named John), Jean-Michel Basquiat, Chinese Dragon, First American Indian (mural reference in Columbus, Ohio), woman at the end -  owners mother who passed in 2020.

Thanks to E Jays and those involved for making this possible. This mural is dedicated to those around the world who lost loved ones during the pandemic, the mother of car dealership owner, AND 7 of my close friends I lost in 2020.