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Meditation Center

Est 10.14.20 4:51pm

492 E Mound📍Columbus Ohio

@chakra_mural Instagram
20ft x 76ft


Mural by
Color meditation

This Chakra mural is one of the first meditation walls that was created to educate the youth, community about holisitc practice, chakras and chakra color meditation concept by Darsy Amaya of Color Your life Chakras and White Canvas Designs. Each color has properties that emit mental health and well being.

How do you meditate to open chakras?

Bring yourself to a happy place. Visualize a heart blessing or a flower opening for each of your chakras. When done with intention, deep and conscious breaths can restore your chakras as well. Each inhales directs energy to your chakra, while each exhale allows awareness to settle into your chakras.

How does chakra meditation work?

“With chakra meditation, you are actively participating with your whole body, exploring its layers on a healing level and witnessing the effects of thoughts and feelings,” explains Knowles. “It's a very personal practice, but I would say you should expect a sense of contentment, peace and heightened charges of energy.

How do you activate your chakras?

Do yoga, walk around the block, or do some manual house-cleaning. These activities let your body become known to you and will strengthen the chakra. Ground yourself. This means that you should connect with the ground, and feel it beneath you.

How can I unblock my 7 chakras?

If these energy centers get blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. One way you may be able to unblock or rebalance your chakras is by doing certain yoga poses. Specific breathing exercises and meditation actices may also help.


What does it mean to clear your chakras?

Yes; cleared chakras promote stress relief, calm emotions, improve physical health, as well as increase focus and mental clarity. ... Your Root Chakra is healthy when you love your career and get rewarded for being good at it. You feel wanted and loved by your friends and family, and you feel good about yourself.

Color therapy is based on the idea that colours create an electrical impulse in our brain, which stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our body. These processes either stimulate or calm us. There are as many colours in colour therapy sessions as there are colours in the rainbow.

Each chakra vibrates or spins at a particular frequency that impacts specific biological processes and organ systems in our body. The circulation of energy in each of our chakras then influences our physical as well as our mental well-being by way of stimulation or inhibition. In other words, if one of your seven chakras is out of whack or blocked, you may feel effects of that in other areas of your life, as well.

There are 7 total chakras that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, and each has a specific meaning and is associated with a specific color. The colors, you’ll notice, follow the same pattern as a rainbow. Below, several pros break down the different chakra colors and meanings, so you can understand and enjoy the whole energetic rainbow.

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Root chakra

Color: Red

Location: Base of your spine near your tailbone

Sacral chakra

Color: Orange

Location: Two inches below your belly button

Solar plexus chakra

Color: Yellow

Location: Between naval and sternum

Heart chakra

Color: Green

Location: Center of chest

Throat chakra

Color: Blue

Location: Base of the throat to the center of the eyes

Third-eye chakra

Color: Indigo/purple

Location: Center of forehead between eyebrows

Crown chakra

Color: Purple/violet

Location: Two inches above the top of the head

1. Root chakra

Color: Red

Location: Base of your spine near your tailbone

Meaning: “This chakra represents your security and your power base,” Poon says. “It determines your ability to feel calm, safe, grounded, and secure. It’s also where you’re able to pull in energy and money and manifest your desires.”

Susy Schieffelin, sound healer and reiki master points out that the grounding, safety-enhancing vibes of the root chakra connect to real-life examples of the color red representing security. Take, for instance, a stop sign or red light. “These are symbols put into place to help bring our attention toward safety,” she says. “They tell us to slow down, to stop, be present, and help us to remain safe.”

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