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The "Voce Concreta Series" exhibited at the Columbus Museum of Art

"In_We Trust: Money in Art" at the Columbus Museum of Art Oct 23-March 2015

The "Voce Concreta Series" was selected to coincide with In_We_Trust: Money in Art and is now exhibiting at the Columbus Museum of Art -gift shop- October 23, 2014 through March 3, 2015.

There are 17 Orewiler silkscreens of George Washington -from the dollar. This series was created in 2011 and represents the value of art in society and what its worth to you as a collector.

This image "Multi George"created by Orewiler depicts his style for the "Voce Concreta" series. This not actually showing at CMA. Similar versions in black and white and silver are on display. Contact Ryan if you're interested in the above image.

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