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Where can I view Orewiler's work in person?


Ryan exhibits daily in galleries and various public corporate collections throughout Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago and Pittsburgh. You can find his work in public near you. Ryan also offers studio visits on appointments.

Learn more here


Where can I see current exhibitions?


Ryan is allways exhibiting his work in galleries and public locations to view and collect from. He promotes a majority of his new shows on his News page and through socail media; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Find Ryan's work on display near you?

Learn more here


Where can I view Ryan's newest work for sale?


Would you like to view the most recent urban and modern paintings or silkscreens? Ryan updates his social media daily with new projects and work that is new to his inventory. He mainly posts on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Ryan on social media here


Would you like to exhibit at a series in Ryan's inventory?


Do you see a series you like? Ryan offers various packages to exhibit his work for corporate and private locations. There are a variety of packages for your space. You can also have the option to "rent to own".

Contact Ryan here


I have an exterior (or interior) wall and would like a mural painted?


Ryan offers interior and exterior handpainted murals. Ryan majored in illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design. He can paint anything you would like on your wall or canvas. Contact Ryan to get a free quote here




Does Ryan accept all credit cards?


Ryan accepts all credit cards. For international sales, Money order is required and sales only over $2000. Collector pays for shipping outside of Ohio. 

Learn more here


How do I make a purchase?


Ryan appreciates that you would like to make an online purchase. There are a couple ways you can buy work online. Ryan has a PayPal account and can accept major credit cards.


Does Ryan offer shipping?


Yes, shipping is offered. Buyer will pay for shipping. UPS, UPPS, FED, EX International shipping offered for only work over $2000. Contact Ryan for shipping prices to your state. Shipping prices vary depending on size and weight of piece.

Contact Ryan here


Does Ryan create custom work?


Do you have a photo of your favorite city or your personal concept? Ryan would offers commissions at any size and medium. A deposit and contract is required to begin commission.

Contact Ryan to get a free quote here


Rent to own art?


Ryan offers the option to "Rent to Own". This option is only available for work priced higher than $1000 and/ or a collection of numerous works. A contract for monthly installments will be coordinated and signed by both parties. The collector has the option to opt out at any time and artist retains work unharmed.

Learn more here


Where can I see Orewiler's current inventory to purchase from?


Ryan has numerous paintings and mixed media work on the inventory and available art page. He updates weekly with new work in the cityscape and abstract series.

Visit inventory page here


Can Ryan install the work I purchase from him at my location?


Ryan offers installation as a service. Each install varies with each client.

Contact Ryan to install quotes here


Can Ryan visit my space for an Art Consultation?


Do you have a wall or space and don't know exactly what to do with it? Ryan would be happy to help you create innovative concepts with your unique space (interior and exterior). Contact Ryan to get your estimated quote today here


Does Orewiler offer painting classes?


Ryan currently offers begining painting and drawing classes. He will provide a list of materials and class dates, location and time on July 1, 2015. Classes begin in September 2015

Read more about classes here


Are you looking for a graphic or web designer?


Ryan has over 20 years of sales, branding, marketing and design experience.

Contact Ryan to have a digital portfolio sent to you here






What other services does Ryan offer besides his paintings, silkscreens and commissions?


Ryan specializes and offers Exterior and Interior Murals, Art Consulting, Marketing, Branding, Art Directing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Layout Design, Interior and Exterior Contemporary Design.

Contact Ryan here


I have this space or wall and not sure what to do with it. Can Ryan offer input on interior and exterior space?

Ryan can offer his vision and incorporate his creation into your corporate or private space.

Contact Ryan for a free quote here


I'm from a local charity and looking for artists to donate for our live/ silent auction?


Ryan believes in helping others and supporting his community. Its importnant to him to make an impact in someones life through his art. Since 2000, he has selected numerous organizations to donate to each year. These organizations have live and silent art auctions at charity events that focus on cancer research, children impacted with hiv/aids, aids research, mental illness and dress for success for young women. Learn more about each donation and the organizations here

What are the charities Ryan donates to annually?


Ryan donates to several non profit organizations every year. He believes in helping others in his community. Each year he is asked to donate work he has created. Since Ryan is asked often to donate, theres now a donation request form for your non profit organization to fill out. Fill out donation request form here


Whats the 2015 Collectors Party?

This year Ryan and his team are planning a party for his collectors and friends in SEPTEMBER 2015. He would personally like to reconnect with each collector that has impacted his professional career as an artist. The party will feature Orewiler's work, various local sponsors, catering, a local charity, and a local DJ - Specifics will be announced in June 2015 on Ryan's "RSVP Collector Party" page.

Learn more and RSVP here


Other Questions?


Ryan would personally like to help you answer your all of your questions. Please email him at



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