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2020 - 2021 SPONSORS

One Line Coffee Franklinton

2020 SOLO SHOW "Anesidora", exhibitions runs 10.1.20 until 1.1.21

One Line Franklinton is also a location to buy GAIA t shirts

Antiques on High

Mural location and place to purchase GAIA t shirts

Ambrose and Eve

Mural location and place to purchase GAIA t shirts

Go Yoga

Mural location and place to purchase GAIA t shirts

Special thanks to: Kelley Companies & Sherwin Williams


MURAL: GAIA (Mother Earth) and her endangered animals 50FT X 40FT 

WHERE: behind Antiques on High and Ambrose & Eve Columbus, Ohio. This is a mural based on the original 7ftx4ft painting that's showing at One Line Franklinton (until 1.1.21)

- Read more about the mural HERE

"Anesidora" SOLO exhibition

at One Line Franklinton 10.1.20 thru 1.1.21

This is Orewiler's 2nd solo exhibition in 2020. He will be displaying 11 original paintings and silkscreens. The original acrylic painting, "GAIA" 8ftx5ft. This solo exhibition coincides with the announcement of the AOH mural. One Line Franklinton, Ambrose & Eve, Go Yoga and other locations are providing "GAIA" t shirts at their locations.

+Anesidora (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα) was in Greek and Roman mythology an epithet of several goddesses and mythological figures. The name itself means "sender of gifts".


- $30 buy GAIA merchandise online HERE


- $35 buy a hand silkscreened GAIA tshirt limited edition (hand silkscreened by OREWILER) HERE

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